Delivery and Refund Policy

We will deliver to the address stated on the Wessex Potatoes order form, on the date that has been specified by Wessex Potatoes.

We aim to keep this day fixed but we reserve the right to change it (either temporarily or permanently).We will notify you of any such change.

It is your responsibility to make suitable arrangements to receive your delivery.
The delivery details section on the order form is important as it allows you to leave instructions of a suitable location where your delivery can be left, which forms part of our contract under the terms and conditions.

Once your delivery instructions have been followed and completed by us, you will accept that you are in possession of the delivered goods. Where the delivery instructions have been followed; we will not accept any liability for damage to or theft of your goods, nor will we accept any liability for any incidents which may arise as a result of the theft or damage to such goods.

We cannot accept liability for any inconvenience or loss where we are unable to deliver to you, or deliver to you late for reasons beyond our control (eg. Adverse weather or vehicle breakdowns).

A refund will be given for all or part order which is not delivered due to circumstances beyond our control.

We will refund or exchange goods if the quality of the product ordered are not to an acceptable standard.

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